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LITEROMTM : For Universities

Academic Automation Software

Why ERP software is needed for your university?
There are different type of tasks in a university related to information and data like - student data processing and making it accessible to different levels of management with the proper security constraints. Doing it manually definitely increases your headache and also the time and cost as well. By using the appropriate university ERP software, you can increase the productivity of your staff and remove the redundancy in data handling and can establish a proper dialogue and coordination in your departments.University ERP

Why LITEROMTM is the best university ERP management software -
LITEROMTM is single university ERP software which works for multiple operations’ performance like - exam, fee, event, result management, hostel management and transport management facilities etc in a user-friendly format. This university management software is very reliable and it stores the data in its different type of modules.

LITEROMTM is a cloud based centralized university ERP management software, which is compatible with all type of browsers and devices. A university has to be updated in this competitive scenario with real access of data so that the validation of performance can be monitored. Our university management software provides you an e-governance framework which can provide you all the relevant information at a single click.

Modules of LITEROMTM

  • Student Management
  • User Management
  • Employee Management
  • University/College Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Role & Rights Management
  • Admission Management
  • Library Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Counseling System
  • Exam Management

Why LITEROM is the best choice for your university?
The answer lies in its originality, multitasking ability and suitability. From simple to the most complex processes of the university and educational institutes like - managing student’s attendance, mark sheet, accounting and fee management, alumni management, time table generation and managing curriculum development are performed in an automated way.

LITEROMTM is also capable in providing all kind of reporting abilities on timely basis. Minimal training and maintenance requirements are needed for the implementation of the software. Each and every data is provided as per according to the convenience and with security constraints so that data backup and its security can be easily maintained.

LITEROMTM is safe, secure, easy and customer friendly which can provide deep insights about the institution which is necessary to provide a secure health to the university. So let your data run with our global standard datacenter.